Beloved San Francisco Cafe to re-open – Just months after permanently closing

November 26, 2023 by No Comments

Just a few months ago, San Francisco residents were saddened to hear the Stonemill Matcha was closing its doors for good. Apparently, this was due to a staff shortage which eventually led to a social media announcement that saw the beloved eatery close after 5 years of business. Located in the Mission District, Stonemill Matcha specialized in matcha drinks and food. In fact, many locals claimed it was the best cafe in the city as far as matcha was concerned.

Despite this, it looks as though just four months later, it may be making a comeback. This is because a recent Reddit post shared a photo of the empty cafe which had new signs on the windows. These read: ‘We will be back soon!’ Previously, the venue was boarded up. However, these boards have also been removed. Unsurprisingly, this led to a lot of speculation.


To add fuel to the speculation, one Reddit user also added: “I saw a job posting for them yesterday so I think they are!”

Before closing, Stonemill Matcha had earned a stellar reputation within the city and had a Yelp score of 4.2/5 across 1,279 reviews. Here, customers praised their ice cream and cakes, alongside their drinks menu. Based on this, it will definitely be welcomed back. Here’s to hoping these rumors are concrete.

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