Truck crashes into Saint Paul Bridge on Lexington Ave

November 25, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a towering delivery truck met an unfortunate encounter with a Saint Paul bridge, resulting in a significant loss of its upper structure. The bridge, situated on Lexington Ave over by Como Park, left its mark on the truck’s back end. Due to its build, the truck got stuck towards the exit. This means that although the front was untouched, the middle and back of the vehicle will have been severely damaged. The result would also have affected the traffic.

Somewhat ironically, this bridge is a commercially restricted parkway, meaning the truck driver should have avoided this bridge in the first place. News of the crash was documented on Reddit, where one user confirmed it should not have been using this route. Here, they wrote: “Exactly. Height doesn’t matter when commercial vehicles aren’t even allowed on Lexington (though I’m sure many don’t know this). He gets 100% of the blame. I passed him earlier today and got a good laugh. If he had split the lanes he would have made it through.”


According to Saint Paul locals in the same thread, this particular bridge had a history of damaging trucks. Although this bridge isn’t exactly infamous, it does highlight a number of wayward truck drivers in this particular area of the city. Thankfully, this didn’t cause a major incident, however it will still have been a headache for the driver and truck company.

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