The Garden closed due to tax issues

November 25, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend, it was announced that The Garden shop was temporarily closed after a visit from the city tax man. Not to be confused with The Garden Inn, this is the female-owned adult store that seemingly closed overnight. Here, a pink notice was left on the window which read: ‘Public notice – by order of the tax commissioner, The Garden Inc. is under suspension and is prohibited from making retail sales at 5433 Bethel Sawmill Center on or after November 17th, 2023.’ The full image can be seen below.


News of the closure was shared on a Reddit thread, where users also speculated on the business practices of The Garden. This led to a number of stories, with many of them based on gossip and baseless rumors. Ultimately though, it’s only The Garden and the Columbus city tax commissioner who will know the true goings on behind the scenes.

When it comes to these notices, sometimes they can be resolved very quickly if it boils down to a simple mistake. However, in some cases, they can even lead to permanent closures if the tax bill is simply too big for the business owner to handle. In this case, time will tell whether this issue gets resolved or whether it’s a minor inconvenience.

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