J.B. Pritzker takes credit for improving Illinois roads – But not everyone agrees

November 25, 2023 by No Comments

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker recently took to his Twitter account to boast about improving the road infrastructure in Illinois. According to him, once his project has finished, 96% of interstates will have been improved. Specifically, he wrote: ‘In the four years since I signed Rebuild Illinois into law, we’ve set in motion a full-scale revitalization of our state’s infrastructure. By the time we’re done, 96% of state interstates will have been improved. Better, safer roads for Thanksgiving travel for decades to come.’ Despite his clear optimism, not everyone agreed. The announcement prompted 45 responses, with many of them negative and critical of Pritzker.

Responding to this, one user quipped: “You mean maintaining our roads, we have some of the worst roads in the country but highest taxed.”

Similarly, another user made another complaint and added: “More lies! Most funding for the Interstate system comes from the federal government NOT the state. The entire state budget for 10 years wouldn’t be enough to fulfill this claim.”

According to these claims, Pritzker’s statement was baseless as the bulk of the funding wasn’t from his regime. If so, you can see why people weren’t impressed with his claims and approached them with a heavy dose of cynicism.

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