Houston Metro Bus randomly sprayed with bullets during mindless attack

November 25, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening, a Houston Metro bus was shot at by an unknown perpetrator. It is believed that this attack was random and without motive. However, if anything, this makes the crime even harder to understand.

The incident took place near the corner of Claremont & Westheimer next to St John’s HS. Thankfully, it is believed that no one on board was hit. Nonetheless, this could easily turned into a pointless tragedy under different circumstances.

News of the incident was first shared on Twitter by an account named Houston Air Watch. Here, they provided several images as well as a video of the aftermath.


As seen in the image below, a Houston police officer can be seen detecting the bullet holes. These hit two glass windows, while another bullet was aimed at the glass door and made it through to the inside of the bus. Due to the height of this particular bullet, it could have easily hit the driver.

As this occurred at night with no clear motives, it is believed that finding the suspects may prove incredibly difficult unless they were captured on CCTV. As mentioned earlier, it begs the question of why someone would do such a mindless act in the first place. Thankfully, no one was injured.


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