Greg Abbott criticized over Texas export claims

November 25, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to his personal Twitter account to boast about Texas and its exporting economy. Here, he proudly claimed that it was the USA’s top exporting state for the 21st year in a row. Specifically, the governor wrote: ‘Texas is America’s top exporting state for 21 years in a row.“Made in Texas” is a powerful global brand, with products found in every corner of the world. Hardworking Texans have made our state an economic leader for the nation and the globe.’

Despite Abbott’s positivity, many quickly jumped on his comments and aired their grievances with him. Although Texas may have been leading in this area, others also highlighted its negatives.

Responding to his statement, one user replied by saying: “And you work hard to make sure Texas workers receive the lowest wages, often work w/o healthcare, & that women & children cannot access the benefits to which they are entitled.”

Similarly, another added: “That kind of success should mean premiere services for all Texans. Education is ranked 28th due to low funding, teacher shortage, and unequal resources. Your support for public ed is less funding to provide vouchers to a select few. Make it make sense.”

Unfortunately for Abbott, it looks as though Texas still has a way to go to catch up in certain areas and not everything is as good as its exporting talents.


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