New Orleans Cannabis Dispensary burglarized during night-time raid

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

Simply Cannabis Dispensary was targeted by a 5 AM burglary on Thanksgiving morning. This was documented by the Simply Cannabis owner who took to Reddit to detail the break-in. This was accompanied by an image of the front door which was completely destroyed with broken glass.

However, as bad as this was, the owner also confirmed that the burglary was in vain, as nothing of note was stolen. Nonetheless, they were still angry due to the entitlement of the robbery. As seen below, the front door was completely destroyed.


Speaking on Reddit, the owner wrote: “Love the 5 am wakeup because some jackasses decided to break our door and steal a register with nothing in it. This is at Simply Cannabis on Magazine Street. The St. Claude shop already has bars on all the doors and windows. Guess that’s needed on Magazine Street now, too. Super cool. For about the 10th time I’m considering hiring a full-time angry Doberman. Hope your Turkey Day is starting off better than mine!”

Unfortunately, dispensaries can be targets for theft and robbery because they often have a large amount of cash on hand and sell a product that is valuable and easy to steal and sell. Additionally, cannabis dispensaries may be seen as less likely to have strong security measures in place compared to other types of businesses.

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