New Metal-Themed Brewery to open in Asheville

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

After months of speculation, Denver-based TRVE Brewing, renowned for its heavy metal-inspired beers, has officially announced the much-anticipated opening of its first out-of-state brewery and taproom in the vibrant city of Asheville, North Carolina.

Slated to open in early 2024, TRVE Brewing AVL will occupy the former home of Eurisko Beer Company, situated at 255 Short Coxe Ave in the trendy South Slope neighborhood. The search for an Asheville location began in 2019, and a suitable venue was nearly secured before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted plans in 2020. Co-owner and COO EJ Nunns, who spent a significant portion of her early career in the Asheville brewing scene, had a prior acquaintance with Eurisko founder Zac Harris through their industry connections.

Under the leadership of co-owner and Head Brewer Zach Coleman, TRVE’s AVL location will retain Eurisko’s 3-vessel 15bbl brewing system, enabling the brewery to introduce decoction mashing for the first time. These unique elements, combined with a commitment to utilizing local ingredients, will play a crucial role in infusing a local flavor into several of TRVE’s classic core brands, seasonal offerings, a limited selection from their renowned mixed culture sour program, and a handful of new brews crafted specifically for the new location, taking into account local preferences.

The success of TRVE Brewing’s Asheville venture could potentially ignite further expansion opportunities for the brewery in the near future, demonstrating their unwavering spirit of innovation and growth.

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