Huckabee Sanders claims people are migrating to Southern States due to ‘heavy-handed’ liberal governments

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently went on the Benny Johnson show to discuss a number of political topics. She also boasted about the freedoms in her own state as she claimed: “I think people are coming here because they’re running away from the policies and the out of control heavy-handed government that they’re seeing in California. They’re coming here for the purpose of enjoying freedom!” This conversation was documented on Twitter and gained over 100 responses from not just Arkansas residents but also some from the likes of California. The video clip can be seen below.

This is backed by numbers too. In 2021, Arkansas was ranked as the number 1 state for inbound movers and had 44% more people coming than leaving.

Replying to this, one user named Ketanji said: “They come here for job opportunities and affordability. The fact that they need to do so means half of America is already a socialist country.” This is a rather cynical take on things, however, the first sentence may very well be correct.

Elsewhere, another user added: “You say that but eventually they will want to implement the very same policies that caused them to leave. They just enjoy the lower cost of living as of any other southern state.”

It looks as though the movers may be doing so for economic reasons, however some Arkansasans aren’t fully convinced.

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