Josh Shapiro criticized over first year ‘success’ claims

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro was recently criticized after claiming that he had ‘gotten a lot of stuff done’ during his first year in charge. Shapiro’s claim was originally made on his Twitter account. Here, he wrote: ‘We’ve gotten a lot of stuff done in this first year of my Administration — and we will keep bringing that GSD attitude with us every day to consistently deliver for the good people of Pennsylvania.’

As a politician, it’s quite a risky play to boast about your success, especially on social media. Because of this, many people used his comments to reply. Furthermore, many of these people disagreed with him and weren’t afraid to show it.

Perhaps the most common reply to his statement was based on marijuana. Here, many criticized Shapiro for failing to legalize it. Here, one user said: “Pennsylvanians are still having their lives ruined for growing a plant that kills cancer you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Another user also blamed Shapiro for failing to increase the minimum wage in the state. They said: “You haven’t done anything except run your mouth and pat yourself on the back. What about the #MinimumWage #hike?”

Despite Shapiro’s initial optimism, it looks as though his statement didn’t land as he first intended. Based on this, it looks like Shapiro still has a lot of work to do if he wants to win over more Pennsylvanians.

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