ATM Machine callously stolen – Leaving huge mess in its wake

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, an ATM machine was stolen from a gas station near Buckner Blvd. The aftermath showed a huge mess as a mixture of concrete and metal was left in its wake. Whatever was meant to be in place to protect the ATM machine clearly didn’t work and it looked like this was the result of some kind of large machine which was possibly used to remove the ATM.

News of the robbery was shared on Instagram which showed the aftermath, as well as video footage of the car lot it was stolen from. According to this website, most ATM machines typically hold under $10,000, however, some can have as much as $20,000. With this said it could have been quite a lucrative score.

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As Dallas has undergone a recent spate of ATM-related crimes, some banks are fighting back. For instance, the ATM at the Hampton and Ledbetter has resorted to using large bollards as protection. Perhaps this is what is needed in the future if similar crimes are to persist. According to sources, the culprits of the robbery were quickly apprehended. This may be due to the fact that most ATM machines are typically fitted with trackers in case of robbery. However, concrete details have yet to be released as an investigation is still ongoing.


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