Abortion Clinic to close next month – Leaving just one left in Wyoming

November 24, 2023 by No Comments

One of Wyoming’s two clinics providing elective abortions will cease operations in December due to financial strain. Despite ongoing efforts by state lawmakers to restrict abortion access in Wyoming, The Women’s Health & Family Care clinic in Jackson closure is primarily attributed to rising costs, including labor, supplies, and rent, as outlined in a letter sent to patients.

While Wyoming’s two abortion ban laws have been temporarily blocked by the courts, the clinic’s closure will undoubtedly restrict access to essential abortion care for women in the region. The clinic, which had been providing services for 30 years, was forced to shut its doors due to an unsustainable financial situation, stemming from a lack of income to cover rapidly increasing expenses. The clinic’s monthly rent recently surged to $9,400, exacerbating its financial woes.

Last year, another OB-GYN clinic in Bozeman, Montana, also offering abortion services, was forced to close its doors, citing similar financial pressures. The Jackson clinic is currently notifying its patients, including those who relied on its OB-GYN services in an increasingly scarce healthcare landscape.

Wyoming’s abortion data for the past four years indicates an upward trend in the number of reported abortions performed at clinics and doctor’s offices. However, it’s important to note that mandatory reporting requirements for abortion procedures were only implemented in recent years. The reported annual abortion numbers in Wyoming, starting from 2019, are 31, 91, 103, and 200 in the most recent year.


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