Tim Walz criticized after ‘pride’ of Highway 14 project

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently took to his Twitter account to claim that he was proud that the Highway 14 expansion project was finally completed. This was accompanied by a photo from the ribbon-cutting ceremony which also included a pair of large scissors.

Here, Walz wrote: ‘Since my time in Congress, I’ve worked to improve safety on Highway 14. And today, we celebrated the completion of the final stretch of the Highway 14 expansion project. I’m proud we got it done.’

Over the years, the Highway 14 project has been the cause of controversy due to the money and time spent to complete the project. Because of this, Walz’s comments didn’t go unnoticed and were subject to scrutiny.

Replying to his statement, a user named Brian Lathe claimed: “Tim. I promise this doesn’t help the daily traffic congestion in Eden Prairie and Bloomington on I-494 one bit. That traffic congestion is actually rated among the top traffic problems in the entire country, now.”

However, user Brad Murphy was less diplomatic and quipped: “More kids died from fentanyl poisoning in the last year than died on HWY 14 in the last decade. When will you do something significant to stop the flow of drugs to MN? I have an idea, charge people distributing Fentynal with attempted murder.”

Unfortunately for Tim Walz, it looks as though his original statement didn’t get the plaudits he expected and actually did quite the opposite.

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