St. Louis gym blasted over inconvenient cancellation policy

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a popular St. Louis gym chain was mentioned on social media and its cancellation policy gained a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. Here, a disgruntled ex-customer posted a screenshot of their alleged cancellation policy.

The policy read: ‘You will need to mail a letter to P.O Box 6800, Sherwood AR 72124. Please enclose a letter stating your name, date of birth, or agreement number as well as your current address, contact phone number, and email. If there is more than one member you wish to cancel, you must list all member’s names to be canceled. If you mail your notice certified, you receive a receipt and tracking number, this is your proof of cancellation, please retain for your records.’


The policy was posted to Reddit which gained over 200 comments. Here, many of them blasted the gym in question, Club Fitness which has several locations in St. Louis. Reacting to this, one user even suggested contacting Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to shed more light on the subject.

While Club Fitness’s policy may not be intentionally inconvenient, it does throw up several questions, such as why the process cannot be done online or over the phone. As a result, this policy resembles something you may find in the early 1990s before technology was advanced. Because of this, the screenshot led to a lot of bad PR for Club Fitness which has yet to address these claims.

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