New Bagel spot opens in St Petersburg

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

A new bagel spot has recently opened in St. Petersburg. This is one of the first to be located in the new Food Labs building. It’s fair to say that St. Pete residents have developed a taste for bagels over the years so this may very well go on to be successful. At the same time, this may also mean competition which may not necessarily be a good thing.

As seen on its social media page, this eatery does not hold back when it comes to the toppings either. According to this Reddit review, the bagels taste as good as they look, as one customer gave them a 10/10 score.

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According to the Yelp profile, this offers ‘Homemade, NYC-styled bagels that we hand-roll, boil and bake fresh to order. Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, try our bagels with one of our signature schmears or elevate your experience with one of our signature bagel sandwiches. We offer both pick-up & delivery from Foodie Labs located in the Warehouse Arts District in Saint Petersburg, FL.’ It also mentions that the owner is also from New Jersey which means that these are about as authentic as it gets.

The new Bagel Babe location can be found at 515 22nd St SSte 2St. Petersburg, FL 33712.

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