Greg Gianforte branded ‘hypocrite’ after Thanksgiving food donations

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was recently branded a ‘hypocrite’ after documenting his Thanksgiving food donations. Gianforte referenced this on his personal Twitter account which was complete with a photograph of the governor giving out food. Here, he said: ‘We have so much to be grateful for as Montanans. This holiday season, I encourage folks to give what they can, including the gift of their time, to support our neighbors in need.’

Although Gianforte’s efforts were well publicized, users questioned whether his motives were truly altruistic or for PR purposes. For instance, some cynically claimed that this was a photo op.

Responding to his statement, one user claimed: ‘We are grateful that you will not be our governor during the next legislative session. You are the worst. Anti-feeding lower income children, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-climate crisis. For huge tax increases, indicted ex-pres & yourself. A hypocrite with no conscience.’

Similarly, another Montanan quipped: ‘Montana is not grateful for you. Under your watch, taxes and energy rates have gone sky high. Our top income bracket and corporations are the ones reaping the benefits. Nice photo op – refuse to feed hungry Montana kids and then “volunteer” at a food bank long enough for a pic.’

Sadly, it looks like Gianforte’s policies may have done too much damage for certain constituents to appreciate his Thanksgiving food giveaway.


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