Footage shows massive line at Columbus Airport – And it was only 4.45 AM

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, footage showed a massive line at Columbus Airport in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Here, the cameraman panned out which showed the extended line as far as the eye could see. While airports can be notoriously busy at this time of year, this isn’t a sight that you’d expect at 4.45 AM.

Originally posted on Twitter, user Matthew Herchik captioned his video: ‘It goes without saying, but if you are headed to @columbusairportthis morning— make sure you arrive EARLY. This is a look at the security line at 4:45AM. Hundreds of people waiting, the line wraps down beyond where we can see.’

Responding to his video, some claimed that this was the busiest that they’d ever seen at Columbus airport. Others claimed that the city could do with a larger airport altogether. However, one user claimed that they were at the airport at 7.30 AM. According to this user, they got through the security gate within 20 minutes without any problems.

This goes to show that despite the line looking ginormous, it may have cleared as the morning advanced. It’s also possible that the line also moved quicker than it first looked. Historically, Columbus Airport is not known for long delays, so it looks like this was a holiday-related one-off.

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