1 Million Square Foot building begins work next to Terminal Tower – Here’s what it is

November 23, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve been to downtown Cleveland lately then you may have seen a massive building being built next to the historic Terminal Tower. This work has been ongoing for quite some time and as seen, it’s nearly as high as Terminal Tower with work still yet to be done. Despite this, its intended use is not known by many people.

It turns out that the building is going to be the Global Headquarters for a corporation called Sherwin-Williams. According to their website: ‘The headquarters campus will consist of three buildings: a two-story pavilion acting as the front porch to Public Square, a 36-floor office tower and an attached multi-level parking garage. The new global headquarters is expected to open by the end of 2024.’


It also claims that the new HQ will be approximately 1 million square feet, create over 3,100 jobs, and include a two-story pavilion, a 36-floor office tower, and a parking garage. Based on this, it will definitely be one of the biggest buildings in the city. Economically speaking, this will definitely bring more money into Cleveland. However, some may have questions surrounding the visual integrity of the building. This is because it threatens to dwarf the iconic Terminal Tower which is valued by many locals as a Cleveland institution.

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