Stunning Portland home hits the market – And you’d never know it’s there

November 22, 2023 by No Comments

One of Portland’s most stylish cribs has just been listed for sale and if you walked past it, you may not even notice it. This is because the property is located beyond a fairly innocuous door that blends into the wall. Behind this is one stunning property, which is also covered by a number of large trees. If you’re someone who values your privacy then this property ticks all the boxes.

Listed on Zillow, this costs $5,700,000 and includes 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 8,162 sqft of living space. This sits on a sizeable 3.40 acre plot and was built in 1971. Despite this, it has aged perfectly which is a nod to its timeless architecture.


Sporting a modernist vibe, this home has valley views which are accentuated by its floor-to-ceiling windows which also provide a lot of sunlight, as well as a zen garden with a pond. It also includes a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and gym room.


Without exaggerating, there aren’t many properties in Portland that can match this vibe which is truly unique. A true hidden gem, it blends nature and landscaped gardens perfectly with an incredibly stylishly built house. Because of this, there is every chance that this house gets snapped up very quickly.

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