Mike Parson criticized over education and child care comments

November 22, 2023 by No Comments

Missouri Governor Mike Parson was recently criticized for comments surrounding his policies going into 2024. Here, he emphasized increasing teacher’s pay as well as childcare as some of his main targets. This took place during a recent interview which he posted on his Twitter account. Here, Parson wrote: ‘Great to sit down with @kytv’s Chris Bryant to discuss the challenges for 2024 and our top legislative priorities.’

Although some used the platform to compliment their governor, others viewed things differently. Instead, they used the platform to criticize Parson for numerous policies and spending implemented over the past year.

Replying to this, one user wrote: “Here’s a challenge, instead of increasing the budget let’s cut the budget and give tax payers their money back. You’re spending like you’re a Democrat.” This showed that some of the Republicans of the state aren’t pleased with Parson’s spending and budget increases.

However, it wasn’t just the Republicans against him either. Another user who was clearly a Democrat added: “How to keep women alive long enough to leave the state for a problem pregnancy? How to attack women’s health even more? How to come up with cheap labor and soldiers? Child Labor laws removed?”

With this said, perhaps 2024 won’t be an easy year for Parson who is set to reach his term limits in 2025.

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