Frozen Yogurt shop permanently closes after owners stop responding to staff

November 22, 2023 by No Comments

Frozen YO, a cherished frozen yogurt shop that held a special place in the heart of Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C., has sadly closed its doors for good. The closure stems from a contentious dispute between the shop’s loyal employees and a new investor who sought to implement significant pay cuts. This clash of interests ultimately culminated in the employees’ bold decision to post a defiant sign declaring, “We do not work for free.” This unwavering stance led the owners to make the difficult choice of permanently shutting down the business.

Frozen YO had been an integral part of the Columbia Heights community for several years, serving as a popular gathering spot and a source of delicious frozen treats. The shop’s management also maintained a positive relationship with District Bridges, the organization responsible for the Columbia Heights Main Street program, providing them with storage space for supplies to facilitate their events at the Columbia Heights Plaza. However, the arrival of a new investor, whose identity remains undisclosed, marked the beginning of the shop’s downfall.


Faced with the prospect of reduced wages, the Frozen YO employees refused to stand idly by. United in their determination to protect their livelihoods, they banded together and posted a powerful message at the shop’s entrance: “We do not work for free.” This unwavering stance underscored their dedication to their craft and their refusal to be exploited.

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