Brad Little blasted after taking credit for property tax cuts

November 22, 2023 by No Comments

Idaho Governor Brad Little was recently blasted after taking credit for property tax cuts in the state. Speaking on his Twitter account, Little wrote: ‘$300 MILLION in property tax cuts are going out to Idahoans thanks to my legislative partners! This is putting the needs of Idahoans FIRST!’

As a result, this gained a number of responses from his constituents. Many of them pointed out that Little had originally vetoed these cuts and called for him to fire his social media team. Based on this, the Tweet wasn’t exactly a good look for Little and it does need questioning why it was put out in the first place. As well, others claimed the money could have been used more efficiently elsewhere.

Responding to this, one user named Doug replied: “Needs” aren’t just automatically solved by a x-hundred dollar check every so often. Or less, if you’re struggling. That’s $300,000,000 that could’ve gone to… anything collective, really. Roads, public transport, housing support, food benefits…”

Similarly, another user named Cindy added: “Why don’t you call it like it is Brad? You & #idleg hold back tax collections/spending for critical needs, then ‘decide’ which taxing districts are worthy enough to get a windfall hence ‘lowering our property taxes’. Just fund education & push impact fees on development!”

As seen, this Tweet certainly didn’t perform well and is a good example of sometimes staying quiet rather than saying anything at all.


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