Filipino Eatery opens in Tampa – And you may know of its owner

November 22, 2023 by No Comments

Following two months of operation, Manila Eats has expanded its culinary footprint, establishing a permanent location after outgrowing its successful food truck venture. The original Riverview food truck, born during the pandemic, quickly gained popularity for its authentic Filipino cuisine, attracting patrons from across the Tampa Bay area. Based on this, it makes sense that the next logical step was to turn it into a physical eatery.

Veronica Meneses Bianco, the driving force behind Manila Eats, revealed that the endeavor was deeply rooted in passion. Upon immigrating to America, her culinary talents captivated her friends, who frequently requested her services for various events, ranging from baptisms to anniversaries. Since then, it has grown significantly.

Despite her professional background as an accountant, Meneses Bianco wholeheartedly embraced her culinary calling. During the pandemic, she made the conscious decision to prioritize her food business, opting not to return to her previous employment.

As the food truck’s popularity soared, its capacity became insufficient to accommodate the growing demand. To ensure continued service to the community, Meneses Bianco established a physical location. From chicken adobo to halo-halo, Manila Eats faithfully presents the essence of Filipino homestyle cooking.

The new Manila Eats restaurant is situated at 1601 S 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33605.


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