Washington DC Restaurant faces customer backlash after 20% fee – Citing ‘It’s this or we close’

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

A popular Washington DC restaurant has sparked an online backlash after a sign was photographed by a customer who recently visited their establishment. Primrose, located at 12th Street NE left a note on their tables that read: ‘Thank you so very much for choosing to spend your time with us. We won’t bore you with a rant about the state of the economy, the cost of eggs, etc. The fact is, we must add the 20% service fee to cover the increase in all things, all around you, right now. t’s this or we close. A 20% service fee will be added to all guest checks and will be used to cover our increasing operational costs. We believe in supporting our staff and the 20% service fee helps us make that possible for our team. This service fee is NOT a tip. Tips are greatly appreciated if you can.’


This image was posted to Reddit which gained over 300 comments. Here, many users criticized the eatery for the tone of the message. According to the original customer, the breakfast plate had also risen from $20 to $29 within a year. This raise comes after the new I-82 law that was implemented earlier in the year. This law sparked outrage from various restaurants but it now seems that this has turned to the very same restaurants by a number of customers.

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