Tina Kotek faces backlash after education and training funding comments

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek recently faced backlash on her Twitter account after comments made surrounding the funding of education and training in the state. Her Tweet read: ‘More education. More training. More jobs. That’s how we’re going to move Oregon forward.’ This was accompanied by an image that said: ‘$35 million awarded in future ready grants. 30 projects funded to invest in our workforce.’

Despite her initial positivity surrounding these claims, not everyone agreed. In fact, many used the replies section to challenge her claims and disagree with her. This was particularly relevant given the recent Oregon teacher’s strike. The full Tweet can be seen below.

Replying to this, one user named Janice Carter wrote: “More education? Portland teachers have been on strike for a month. Students at home are behind already and there are no standards of education to be met. Where is your leadership?”

Similarly, another user named Breeauna Sagdal claimed: “So more taxes is your solution? Got it… Because that’s worked so well up until now, right. Here’s a thought, rather than taking money from people to subsidize unpopular ideas, while regulating businesses out of Oregon, why not just let the free market decide? Oh, never mind.”

It could be argued that the timing and wording of Kotek’s statement wasn’t done very well which unsurprisingly led to this response.


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