Shreveport’s most expensive home listed for sale – Here’s what it includes

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

Located at Ellerbe Road, this property is Shreveport’s most expensive house for sale. Available on Zillow, it costs $3,850,000 and includes 5 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 13,241 sqft of living space. It also comes with a whopping 29.20 acres of land to play with. Most of this is fields which means if you’re a nature lover then you’re in luck.

Built in 1985, the house sports a vintage look and also includes various luxury features such as an infinity pool, sauna, billiards room, bar, home theater, elevator, 2000-bottle wine cellar, security gate, large garage, and home gym.


Interestingly, as recently as last year, this home was valued at $2 million which shows the potential appreciation that this property can earn. Despite this, 2023 is the first year that the property has been listed for sale in a long time.


Perhaps one issue with this house is the look. As mentioned, it is quite vintage and this may not be to the taste of everyone. Instead of using neutral colors, it has bright red carpets and velvet finishes. Based on this, it will be interesting to see if this achieves its asking price. Undoubtedly though, it is also one of the best properties in Shreveport.

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