Popular chain restaurant closes all Connecticut locations after unpaid rent

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

Boston Market has faced a shutdown of its Connecticut locations following eviction notices and legal action due to unpaid rent. Court documents reveal that the chain has defaulted on rent payments at several of its Connecticut outlets, including those in East Haven, East Hartford, Meriden, West Hartford, and Wilton.

On Monday, customers at the Meriden branch were greeted with closed doors and signs stating, “Sales and use tax permit has been suspended. No sales can be transacted,” despite the Boston Market app still listing the location, along with several others facing evictions, as operational.

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The landlords of these commercial properties, who have leased their spaces to Boston Market for many years, allege that the chain ceased rent payments. They are now seeking substantial amounts in overdue rent through legal channels, as indicated by court records.

In a separate issue earlier in the year, U.S. Foods sued Boston Market for $11.3 million. Additionally, in August, 27 Boston Market outlets in New Jersey received stop work orders following reports that the chain owed over $600,000 in back wages to numerous employees.

Boston Market is a decades-old chain of fast-casual restaurants known for its rotisserie chicken, along with other home-style comfort foods like meatloaf, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and classic comfort food.

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