Dog owners on red alert after mystery illness sweeps through Oregon

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

A recent surge in a mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs has caused concern among pet owners and veterinarians across the United States. As cases of this canine respiratory ailment emerge in multiple states, comprehending this novel threat to our cherished companions has become paramount. Experts like Dr. Lindsey Ganzer and Dr. Kurt Williams have provided valuable insights and guidance on protecting our dogs from this potentially fatal yet enigmatic disease.

The Oregon State Government Department of Agriculture (DOA) issued an advisory regarding a mysterious atypical canine infectious respiratory disease that has been spreading throughout the state from August to November 2023. These cases appear to have a viral origin, with symptoms in dogs ranging from tracheobronchitis to pneumonia.

The ODA is currently collaborating with emergency veterinary practices to initiate sampling of the potential infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs and is awaiting genome sequencing results. The ODA is also waiting for these results from the USDA, which will provide guidance for future actions.

At this time, Oregon, Colorado, and New Hampshire are reporting new cases of canine respiratory illnesses with pneumonia-like symptoms, some of which develop within 24-36 hours of dogs exhibiting coughing, sneezing, and nasal discharge.

Given the outbreak’s widespread nature, it is essential for dog owners to be familiar with the telltale signs of this mysterious illness in dogs and to seek veterinary attention promptly if any of these symptoms appear. By doing so, you can contribute to slowing the spread of this potentially debilitating disease and increase your furry friend’s chances of recovery.


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