City faces backlash after hiring security to obstruct residents from watching F1

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

Although Formula 1 weekend in Las Vegas may have been and gone, it wasn’t just the road surfaces that caused controversy. A recent TikTok video went viral for all the wrong reasons. Here, a number of security guards donning ‘CSC Security staff’ outfits were seen moving on revelers who tried to watch the Formula 1. The guards were situated on a walkway which went over the race track.

To cause more obstruction, the side of the walkway was also covered by a makeshift barrier to obscure the view. At one point in the video, a reveler was caught and moved on by a number of the security who clearly had a problem with him stopping to watch the race.

News of the scenario quickly spread on social media. On Reddit, a thread gained over 3,500 comments with many users criticizing the Las Vegas organizers who implemented this policy. Even though the view was already obscured, clearly they went above and beyond by hiring staff.

Despite handling the man in the video, one user clarified the scenario and wrote: “If this is a public street/walkway they have ZERO authority. Those security guards most likely zero authority to do any kind of enforcement action. They are security theatre and a pair of eyes with a radio. There are private security guards that go through DCJS training courses and get certified. Some can enforce misdemeanor crimes and detain.”

Unfortunately, this left a bitter taste in the mouths of spectators and fans of the event. From a PR perspective, the event was not a good look for Las Vegas.

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