Brutal image shows loads of trash brazenly dumped in Vallejo

November 21, 2023 by No Comments

A recent image circulating on social media has sparked outrage due to the irresponsible act of dumping trash in Vallejo. The discarded items, including cans, boxes, rubbish bags, and even a shopping cart were carelessly strewn around the area.

A Reddit user who stumbled upon the mess took it upon themselves to clean up the site, filling a whopping 60 bags with discarded trash, a testament to the severity of the situation. The user’s actions were met with widespread praise and appreciation.

Here, they wrote: ‘This place in Vallejo is an utter dumping site. There is so much trash but I was able to make a dent. I also want to give a shout-out to Matt and Todd from Recology for stopping by in the morning and putting 20 bags into the dump truck. They said they will be back tomorrow to pick up the rest.’ As the saying goes, the image below says a thousand words.


The most infuriating aspect of this incident is the blatant disregard for proper waste disposal methods. Trash cans are readily available, yet some individuals choose to ignore them, leaving behind an eyesore that harms the environment. While Vallejo is not typically known for littering issues, one can only hope that this instance is an anomaly.


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