Tulsa’s most expensive property still up for sale – Despite being on the market for nearly 1 year

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

Despite being listed for well over 300 days, Tulsa’s most expensive condo has not decreased its price. Originally listed back in 2022, its price has remained at $1,690,000 for the entire time. Available on Zillow, this is a penthouse located at S Utica Place with views of Cascia Hall and Utica Square. It also comes with 24-hour security, private parking, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 3,104 sqft of space.

Unlike most properties in the building, this also comes with a spacious patio which even includes an outdoor kitchen. Despite being fairly modern, being built in 2008, its architecture also looks like a traditional Tulsa building. However, the fact remains that this simply isn’t selling.


Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the HOA fee. Like most luxury apartments, this is not cheap. Per month, it costs $1,540 which equates to $18,480 which is akin to a second mortgage. As seen, the interiors are very well done and allow maximum sunlight into the sizeable rooms. It also comes with high ceilings and unrivaled scenic views of the city below.


Unfortunately, although it has many positives, it doesn’t look like this property will sell anytime soon. This is arguably a case of a fantastic property that is simply listed for too much. Until it cuts its price, it looks like 2024 could be more of the same for this brilliant penthouse.


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