Republicans urge Doug Burgum to drop out of Presidential race – With some calling it ‘vanity’

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was recently challenged by local Republicans and constituents due to his continued involvement in the Presidential run. Despite participating in minimal debates and having no real influence in the race, Burgum has continued to run and is hot on the campaign trail.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Burgum posted a video from a recent speech and wrote: ‘The RNC’s attempt to artificially narrow the field months before voting even starts is an affront to every voter in Iowa and New Hampshire. We’re not focused on national polling. We’re focused on issues that matter to the American people, and voters should decide how the field gets narrowed – not a couple of party bosses sitting in Washington DC.’

Replying to this, one user named Beck Hassen said: “Doug, you had my full support when you got into this race, but it’s time to drop out. You refuse to mention Trump even once and are pretending this is a normal primary when it’s just not. You also haven’t moved in polling at all. Maybe try again in 2028.”

Similarly, user Nate claimed: “You started as a serious candidate and now it seems like a vanity play. Mike Pence and Tim Scott showed it wasn’t about vanity to them. They left the race once they knew there was no path. It looks like you’re trying to pull votes away from the non-trump coalition.”

Perhaps what was most telling was that these (and others) weren’t vitriolic or emotional. Instead, they were merely pleaing with the North Dakota to give in. However, due to his stubborn nature, it looks like Burgum is still continuing his push for The White House.

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