Iconic Record Store abruptly closes without warning after 11 years of business

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

One of Cincinnati’s most iconic record shops has recently closed. Located on Glenway Ave, Black Plastic Records has been a musical hub in the city for years. Despite this, it has abruptly closed without any prior warning. Up until early November, its social media accounts were running and it was business as usual. However, they have now stopped posting. Perhaps more damning, the store is listed as ‘permanently closed’ on Google and has been for the past week.

According to one customer, they visited the venue over the weekend and claimed that it was closed with a local tax commission sign on the door. As well as this, they claimed the inside was disheveled and out of character. This took place on a Reddit discussion, where another user claimed they had 79 different judgments against them over the past decade for having assets seized for tax reasons.

Based on this, it looks like Black Plastic has closed for good. However, due to its lack of communication, it looks as though this is without any closure for ex-customers of the establishment.

Founded in October 2012, Black Plastic Records is an independent record store known for its wide selection of vinyl records, with a focus on underground and indie music. The store also hosts live music performances and events, making it a popular destination for music lovers in the area. Because of this, it’s not surprising that its former customers are upset to see it go.

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