Iconic Coffee Shop re-opens just in time for Holiday Season

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

Fuller’s Coffee Shop, a beloved diner in the Pearl District, has recently resumed serving its famed Monte Cristos and unique double-decker chicken salad club sandwiches after completing several months of repairs. The popular breakfast and lunch spot had to shut down this winter due to a fire that resulted in extensive smoke and water damage. Although the diner initially aimed for an early summer reopening, it was delayed until November.

Despite its popularity, the re-opening has been widely under-reported around Portland and if it wasn’t for its social media pages, you may not know of its comeback.

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Established in 1947 and relocated to Northwest Portland in 1960, Fuller’s is known for its iconic winding lunch counter, drawing in a mix of local patrons, food celebrities, and chefs. The diner’s version of a club sandwich, featuring chicken salad instead of the traditional ham and turkey, has won the admiration of Bill Oakley, former showrunner of The Simpsons and a fast-food enthusiast. Additionally, Greg Denton, co-owner of Ox, has commended Fuller’s burger, which even inspired the creation of Fuller’s Burger Shack.

The fire that led to the diner’s temporary closure broke out on February 19, after business hours, and spread to a recently cleaned exhaust hood. Despite an initial goal to reopen by the end of October, the diner was only able to fully reopen in November.

Located at 139 NW 9th Avenue, Fuller’s is once again ready to welcome its customers.

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