Brian Kemp criticized after claiming to ‘lead with integrity’

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp took to Twitter to celebrate giving a talk to Athens students who were considering a career in public services. Here, Kemp claimed how it was important to lead with integrity. Specifically, Kemp wrote: ‘Great to be in Athens this morning speaking with students in UGA’s @AppliedPolitics program. As they consider future careers in public service, I enjoyed discussing the importance of leading with integrity and what it means to do right by the people you serve.’

Naturally, these comments didn’t sit well with everyone who accused the governor of hypocrisy. During his time as Georgia Governor, Kemp has had his fair share of troubles so it’s not too surprising that people pulled him up on his comments.

Responding to this, one user quipped: “Leading with integrity”? Did they laugh in your face? I’m sure they enjoyed the part about letting your own party and voters get hung out to dry right under your nose.”

Elsewhere, a user named Elizabeth replied saying: “No, it means doing right by all the people you serve, not just the straight white Christian ones.” This was in response to some of Kemp’s policies which have been accused of serving a select demographic in the state.

Unfortunately for Kemp, plenty of other comments followed suit. Based on the response, it looks as though his original statement went down like a lead balloon.


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