‘No bipping zone’ signs appear around Oakland

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, ‘No bipping zone’ signs have appeared around Oakland. This is in response to the city’s car crime epidemic which has taken Oakland by storm this year. Here, brazen criminals have taken to stealing goods from cars, often smashing windows in the process. While this sign may not deter hardened criminals, it still shows a backlash from the public with signs now being made condemning the crime.

News of the sign went around Reddit where users discussed the reality of whether it would actually work or whether it was put up in vain. Somewhat ironically, beneath the sign reads ‘Signs and graffiti prohibited’. This means that technically, the no bipping sign may have even broken the law.


This sign comes one month after OPD Assistant Chief Tony Jones sparked controversy after claiming police were legally required to let bippers go without arrest. Based on this, you can see why some people have resorted to signs as some kind of soft-policing campaign.

Bipping is a slang term used in Oakland to describe the act of breaking into a car and stealing items from it. Recently, some Oakland residents have reported feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods due to the prevalence of car break-ins. With this said, sadly this sign may not be very effective.


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