Josh Green criticized after recent trip to Japan

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Hawaii Governor Josh Green was criticized after his trip to Japan last week. Here, Green took to his Twitter account to describe it as a ‘fruitful diplomatic mission.’ Despite this, not everyone agreed and some claimed it was a glorified holiday and photo-op. On his Twitter account, Green wrote: ‘During a highly fruitful diplomatic mission to Japan, we extended our heartfelt gratitude to the Japanese Government for its incredibly generous contribution of $2 million in the wake of the devastating Maui wildfire disaster.’

Although Green was clearly pleased with his endeavors, the visit was challenged in the replies section. Here are a few of the main criticisms aimed towards Green.

Replying to his comments, a user named Da Kine claimed: “What a failure! You have to rely on foreign aid because you can’t produce the financial help many desperately need? You’re the governor of Hawaii. Billions pour into Hawaii yearly. Maybe if you weren’t greedy, giving yourselves outrageous wage increases, the state would be able to support its residents. All you’re doing is pandering and begging for money. Talk about WEAK!”

Elsewhere, another user was less than impressed and added: “Lame political word salad. Translation: Thanks for the free trip to Japan using your tax dollars. The average Japanese worker is being paid $6-$10/hr with the failing yen. They aren’t coming here. Go back to work.”

Unfortunately for Green, these were just a few of the many comments aimed at him. Even more unfortunately, some were much worse and more vitriolic.


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