J.B. Pritzker challenged over education investment comments

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker was recently challenged over his comments surrounding the state’s investments in higher education. Here, he claimed to have made ‘historic’ investments that would increase enrolment at community colleges. On his Twitter account, Pritzker wrote: ‘We made historic investments in IL to eliminate barriers to higher education — and now we’re defying national trends with: The second largest fall enrollment increase in 30 years at community colleges. The third year of freshmen enrollment increases at public universities.’

This statement attracted the attention of critics who vehemently disagreed with his viewpoint. Here, some claimed that more people had gotten into college due to lower standards than ever.

Replying to Pritzker, one person named Olivia replied: “You took away kid’s scholarships so they can have a chance.” This came months after lawmakers removed scholarships for over 9,000 working families.

Elsewhere, another user was more vitriolic, and claimed: “Kids should learn a trade rather than waste their time with “higher” education learning socialism and useless skills.”

Unfortunately for Pritzker, many other comments followed suit. It does make you wonder how a governor can boast about access to higher education when certain grants were removed to allow the very same thing to happen. Some people noticed this and called him out on it.

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