Indiana’s most expensive house goes up for sale – And it’s more than 50,000 sqft

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Indiana’s most expensive home is now available on Zillow, and it is certainly special. The house is effectively a large wood cabin and includes 15 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. The total square footage is 50,762, and the estate includes 550 acres. Built in 2003, this has aged like a fine wine and on its 30th birthday, is now available for a cool $47,900,000.

Based near Santa Claus, it also includes sizeable guest quarters and its own 1960s diner. Yes, you read that right. It’s also surrounded by plenty of nature and trees without a soul in sight with its own lake. In short, it could also be described as an introvert’s dream.


As seen, this property is incredibly cozy and no stone has been unturned in terms of luxury features. The main home has a gourmet kitchen, scenic views, a home gym, and plenty of spacious rooms. Despite this, it’s arguably the other parts of the estate that set it apart. If you thought the diner was a lavish touch, this is only the beginning.


It also includes a hangar for cars which could easily hold dozens of them, as well as a sports bar, games room, outdoor dining area, swimming pool, tennis court, hunting area, and large restaurant. Potentially, this estate could also be used for commercial purposes as well as a living place. In brief, this is an incredible property which is well worth its high price tag.


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