Huge military plane seen in San Francisco skies – And here’s why

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, residents of San Francisco’s suburbs witnessed a unique sight as a single C17 aircraft soared across the sky. This rare occurrence captivated the attention of a puzzled local who managed to capture the moment. Here, the C17 which is one of the USA’s biggest planes and is valued at around $340 million, made an impressive display as it flew over the area.

Known for its versatility and large capacity, the C17 also has a distinctive sound that probably contributed to its detection. The footage quickly gained attention on Reddit, sparking curiosity and discussions about the reason behind its flight through San Francisco’s airspace.

The presence of the C17 is connected to a visit from President Joe Biden to the city. The C17 soften used by militaries for transporting personnel and equipment, is sometimes involved in preparatory flights to test routes for VIP visits. In this case, it would have been used to bring in the presidential motorcade which includes a number of vehicles. From a logical point of view, this makes sense compared to driving them in.

This unexpected appearance of the C17 added an element of surprise and excitement for those who happened to look skyward at just the right time. While such sightings are not common, Biden has previously visited San Francisco and similar aircraft have been employed for his transportation.

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