Brutal image shows emptiness of Meriden Mall – During Saturday afternoon

November 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, a Connecticut resident visited Meriden Mall and took some photographs. The point of this was to show just how empty the mall is. The various photos showed different parts of the mall with barely a soul in sight. Although the mall had put out holiday decorations, this seemingly did little to attract a crowd, and combined with several unoccupied stores, you could argue that this mall is on its last legs.

The images were originally shared on Reddit and highlighted just how empty the mall has become. Here, older users claimed that seeing this image was quite shocking considering how popular it once was. At one point, Meriden Mall was one of the biggest in the state and had a rich history.


However, based on these photos you would expect it to close within the next few years. To make matters worse, late November is typically a lucrative time of year for retailers. Sometimes, pictures can say more than words.

Founded in 1976, this was one of the first enclosed shopping malls in the state. The mall originally had over 100 stores and was a popular destination for shoppers in the area. However, in recent years, the mall has struggled to maintain its popularity, and many stores have closed. Despite this, the mall is still standing and remains a nostalgic and historic landmark for many people in the area.

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