Mike DeWine criticized over education comments

November 18, 2023 by No Comments

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently took to his personal Twitter account to praise teachers in the state. Here, he championed them and how they could educate the young of the state. Specifically, DeWine wrote: ‘Our teachers are vitally important in educating our future generations. Recently, I had the chance to meet with Ohio’s Teachers of the Year to learn about their experiences and how we can improve the education system in Ohio.’

Despite his optimism, many of his constituents used this to point out the hypocrisy surrounding his comments. This comes after DeWine has been involved in a number of controversies surrounding the education system in Ohio.

Replying to this, one user named Tilly wrote: “You are literally doing everything you can to destroy public education in Ohio. Quit the gaslighting.”

Similarly, another user added: “You gutted the power of the state BOE of those we elected and have diverted our tax dollars for public education to private/charter schools. Maybe start there, Mike.”

Unfortunately for DeWine, many of the other comments followed a similar suit. Overall, it looks like it would have been best to stay quiet on this occasion, as a positive PR story quickly turned into a negative one. When it comes to education in Ohio, it looks like many have not forgiven, or forgotten.


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