Controversy as Seattle Parks and Rec propose children’s play area at nudist beach

November 18, 2023 by No Comments

Seattle Parks is considering a proposal to introduce a small children’s play area at Denny Blaine Park, known for its nudist beach.

This addition could signify a notable shift for the park, a popular spot for nude recreation and enjoying Seattle’s lakefront atmosphere. A community meeting about this project is scheduled for early December.

The proposed project, with a budget of $550,000, aims to establish the play area at the northwest edge of the park. This location is one of the few public access points to Lake Washington in one of Seattle’s most affluent neighborhoods.

Seattle Parks describes Denny Blaine Park as a grassy, unguarded beach enclosed by an ancient stone wall that used to mark the shoreline before the 1917 lowering of the lake by nine feet due to the Lake Washington Ship Canal construction.

The park is well-known for its inclusion in every Seattle nude beach list and has a long-standing reputation as a queer-friendly and nudist hangout, despite occasional complaints from neighboring residents about the crowds.

It’s a common point of local knowledge that nudity is legal throughout Seattle. According to the city’s lewd conduct law history, tracing back to a 1980s there was an incident where a couple was arrested for skinny dipping at Madison Park Beach. They later successfully sued City Hall which was documented in 2018 on Denny Blaine Park.

Introducing a children’s play area to Denny Blaine Park won’t alter the legal status of nudity in the city. However, it might lead to more conflicts in a space traditionally used for au naturale activities, which regular visitors might prefer to avoid.


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