The Crack Shack on Riverton permanently closes – And no one knows why

November 17, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, locals have reported that Crack Shack on Riverton has permanently closed. The doors are allegedly shut and it also says ‘permanently closed’ on its Google profile. While this is pretty concrete evidence, no one really knows why. This is because Crack Shack has not said anything on their social media pages. In fact, their Facebook page has recently vanished. Understandably, people are confused.

Having said this, one Reddit user claimed: ‘I went to the Riverton location last Friday and they had signs throughout the place saying something along the lines of “we came to the conclusion that we had to close”, and that their last day would be 11/14, so I just assumed it was a money thing. That surprised me though, given that every time I’ve gone there it has been really busy and it’s about $20 for myself. I’m curious to know what happened, it wasn’t my favorite place, but it was solid. Edit: they did have a bar, so I’m wondering if it had something to do with our wonderful state liquor laws.’

With this said, it looks like this one-popular Salt Lake City restaurant has now closed for good with little warning. Bizarrely, some of their other locations have also reportedly shut.

Crack Shack is a fast-casual restaurant chain with a focus on fried chicken and other comfort foods. The menu is full of dishes like crispy chicken sandwiches, fried chicken tenders, waffle fries, mac and cheese, and a variety of salads and sides.

Crack Shack was founded in San Diego, California in 2015, and has since expanded to several locations in California and Arizona. The restaurant has a funky, urban vibe, with colorful decor and an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients.

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