Tesla submerged after entering water at Fiesta Island

November 17, 2023 by No Comments

News of the incident was shared on social media, where users condemned the cowardly act. However, the culprits have not been found and an investigation is ongoing. It is not known how the car got there or any context surrounding its position. It is possible that the car somehow drove into the shallows of the water. It could have also parked on land and got submerged after heavy rain. Ultimately, the image brings up more questions than answers which may be why it gained so much attention.

The news quickly spread on Reddit, which gained nearly 100 comments where users theorized about the car and how it ended there. Here, many joked about its GPS failing or a case of bad driving. Needless to say, there wasn’t much sympathy for the car owner.


There may be a silver lining though, as unlike most other cars, Tesla’s don’t come with exhausts. Sometimes, after entering the exhaust system, the water can cause corrosion and rust, damaging the pipes and muffler.

As well, The water can also block the exhaust gases from escaping, causing the engine to run poorly and potentially causing damage to the engine itself. As the Tesla wasn’t completely covered in water, it may have escaped relatively unscathed. Nonetheless, this is a good example of why you shouldn’t try to mess with Mother Nature.

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