Kim Reynolds challenged after new property tax cuts claims

November 17, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was criticized over her comments regarding property tax cuts. On her personal Twitter account, Reynolds proudly boasted: ‘Here’s our record: Zero taxes on retirement income, a flat and fair 3.9% income tax, and historic property tax cuts. I can tell you, alongside Sen. @MBousselot, we aren’t stopping there!’

Clearly, Reynolds was very happy with this achievement. However, not everyone agreed and weren’t shy to let their voices be heard. The statement gained nearly 100 comments with many of them using the platform to dismiss her claims completely. As is often the case in life, the truth is not always simple.

Replying to the initial statement, one user replied: “Historic property tax cuts” my ass!!! Yes, you cut them, but also property values were “re-assessed” causing escrows to be short. You raised my house payment by 150 a month! There’s no way I could sell for what they claim it’s worth, and an inspector never saw the inside.”

On a similar note, a user named Travis added: “3.9% is meaningless when your assessors increased property value appraisals at record rates amongst unprecedented inflation.”

Sadly for Reynolds, many other users shared a similar narrative. It looks as though this years tax cuts were largely offset by policies created by Reynolds, which begs the question why she boasted about the cuts given the context.


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