Cam Huong restaurant destroyed after truck purposely rams into entrance

November 17, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, Cam Huong restaurant fell victim to a truck that purposely rammed the entrance at 3 AM. It is believed this was done to enter the building to steal money and goods. As seen in the image below, this caused significant damage and has cost the owners thousands in re-building fees. Located in Little Saigon, Cam Huong has served the community with Vietnamese sandwiches for years.

To make matters worse, the venue is also known for having warm, and welcoming owners. Currently, Cam Huong has two locations in Oakland. This incident took place at the International and 7th Ave venue. News of the incident was shared on social media, where users condemned the cowardly act. However, the culprits have not been found and an investigation is ongoing.

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Since the incident, a GoFundMe was founded with a donation goal of $20,000 to repair the entrance. At this point in time, over $3,700 has been raised. The GoFundMe read: ‘Since my childhood, I have been going to Cam Huong restaurant, a cherished establishment in the Little Saigon neighborhood in Oakland. Unfortunately, they fell victim to vandalism once again in the early morning hours of November 16 at 3am, when a truck rammed through the front of the building, leaving significant structural damage to the entrance. This is the 4th business in Little Saigon that has experienced vehicular vandalism since August, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage.’


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