Rite Aid on Harlem and Genesee announces imminent closure

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

Rite Aid located at Harlem and Genesee has recently declared its impending closure, while also offering 50-75% off. Consequently, individuals reliant on this store for prescriptions will need to shift their pharmaceutical needs to other locations nearby. Although this development may not be of paramount concern to some, it holds significant implications for elderly and differently-abled individuals who heavily rely on this particular branch for their prescription and healthcare necessities.

The accompanying image illustrates the notice left by Rite Aid on its door, informing customers of the imminent closure. Curiously, the company has refrained from elucidating the rationale behind this decision. However, it has been reported lately that Rite Aid is struggling financially. It’s worth noting that Rite Aid maintains a presence with many other stores in the Buffalo area and its environs. Consequently, it remains uncertain whether this closure signals the commencement of a broader trend or if it is an isolated occurrence.

Image from Google Maps

This closure notice initially surfaced on Reddit, sparking discussions among Buffalo locals regarding the factors contributing to the store’s closure. Rite Aid, established in 1962, has undergone numerous transformations and acquisitions throughout its history. Despite the closure of this particular store, the chain continues to hold a substantial role within the pharmacy and retail industry. As of this time, it is not known what store will replace Rite Aid when it finally shuts for good.


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