Biblical hail stones destroy cars & pose health risk in Austin

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

It’s evident that El Nino is currently exerting a significant influence, resulting in unconventional weather patterns across the United States in recent days. Austin found itself among the cities profoundly impacted by these atmospheric anomalies, enduring hailstones that surpassed the size of golf balls. The peculiar twist to this meteorological event lies in its timing, occurring in September, which technically meant Austin witnessed hail during the summer season.

A viral image circulating on social media depicted a man’s vehicle bearing the brunt of the hailstorm, necessitating extensive repairs. The back window of the car exhibited several perforations, leading to the shattering of the glass. These damages were attributed to exceptionally large hailstones; however, the remainder of the vehicle appeared to be in relatively good condition.

In another snapshot shared on Reddit, an individual held a hailstone that covered a substantial portion of their palm. This image provided a visual perspective on the sheer size of the hailstones responsible for the car window damage.


When one considers both of these images together, the potential threat to public safety becomes apparent. Envision walking outdoors and having one of these massive hailstones plummet from the sky. Given their capacity to shatter glass, they pose a genuine danger to individuals. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and hopefully, this signifies the conclusion of the tumultuous weather spell, ushering in an autumn that all can relish.


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