The Market Place looks set to get another Starbucks store after new sign goes up

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

Orange County’s The Market Place looks set to be getting a new Starbucks store. This was spotted by an eagle-eyed resident who saw the vacant lot boarded up. If you look closely enough this board says ‘Coming Soon’ with the Starbucks logo next to it. Interestingly, this particular area is already filled with Starbucks shops so it looks like this will be the latest addition from the chain.

The location is based on the land previously occupied by Carls Jr. Despite the construction board claiming that a new Starbucks is on its way, there is no extra information available regarding when it will open. At the very earliest though, you would assume it would be a few months as there still looks like there’s a lot of work to be done. Due to the location, it’s highly possible that this venue could be a drive thru. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.


The image was originally uploaded to Reddit. The sign can just about be seen on the right sight of the photo which is partially covered by a garbage truck. Behind the boards, you can see diggers hard at work. This prompted comments from Orange County locals, who counted a total of four Starbucks in the area. One user even wrote: “Well, we know it will never go out of business…and so does the Irvine Co. There are a couple of SBUX locations in Irvine that are over 30 years old – Alton/Jeffrey, and a few more in South OC that are pushing 35” which perhaps explains why another is on its way.

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